DIY Stuffed Animal Scarf

repurposed stuffed animal scarf

I came up with this Repurposed Stuffed Animal Scarf , 4 years ago. I felt so clever for being so resourceful with our stuffed animals. I had been mulling around with the idea of turning my kids stuffed animals into scarves for year! Finally, I was able to make this craft and you it was seriously super easy. My boys are not really into cuddling with their stuff animals every night but they do like to have them around, so now they can literally have them “around” their neck.  This is my 4 year olds pet turtle, Galapagos.

I love that both my boys have gotten to enjoy Galapagos the turtle! Here’s our little one wearing it, though my 5 year old insist he still wants it (but I have my suspicions that it’s only because his 2 year old brother is wearing it).

stuffed Animal Scarf

The Stuffed Animal Fairy. Do you have one?

Our boys had already given quite a few stuffed animals away but somehow they accumulated more.  I think there is a Stuffed Animal Fairy that drops them off at night when parents and kids are asleep. because we always end up with more.  This is another fabulous way to repurpose those stuffed animal that keep appearing especially if they have outgrown them.

What would be even more fun is if you kept some of your childhood stuffed animals and you repurpose them as a scarf to give to your kids. This craft is really easy, your kids could make their own scarf with very little help from you because it’s no sew.   But I know some of my readers are always itchin to sew and if you are enjoy taking out the sewing machine. Either way it’s still simple whether you choose to sew it or glue it.



  • Stuffed animal
  • fleece
  • hot glue gun or needle & thread or your sewing machine

1. Cut your stuffed animal down the belly.  Take out what it has been stuffed with and place it aside.

2. Cut your fleece about 8 inches wide and as long as you want your scarf to hang.  If you need to, you can use an old scarf as a pattern and trace it with chalk.

3.  Grab one half of the stuffed animal and insert one end of the scarf into it.

4. Pin it to make sure that both of the sides line up and sew it up or glue it with a hot glue gun. I hand stitched mine because my animal is a turtle and the back was to thick for me to just glue.

5. Repeat step 3 & 4 with the other side.

It was so easy to make that I decided it’s my new gift for kids! It took me about 25 minutes to make b/c I hand stitched the stuffed animal but if I would have used glue or use a sewing maching it would have taken 10min time.

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