DIY Recycled Box Playhouse Tent

I have been saving this box for months, for this very project, DIY Recycled Box Playhouse Tent.

diy playhouse tent

This is the first of our Virtual Summer Camp projects over on Babble/Disney!  I get to be a camp counselor along with 7 other awesome kid activity bloggers.  This summer we are focusing on simple fun to help us connect and making memories with our kids.

Our family enjoys camping and if it were up to my boys we would go camping every weekend.  So this will be a fun pretend play activity that I know my boys will enjoy especially because they can bring it inside if it’s raining. Don’t you love the little camp fire made from felt? I will have to share with you later how to make this no-sew felt campfire.

Personally what I love about this playhouse fort is that it’s collapsible.  I don’t have a lot of storage area in our home so this is the first thing I ask myself when I make or buy things, “Can it be stored?”

Now onto the easy project, what you will need for the fun diy playhouse tent are things you can find around your house.

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  • large cardboard box
  • ribbon
  • long dowel or long narrow piece of scrap wood
  • glue (strong craft glue or hot glue gun)

playhouse tent

1. What I did first was decide how big I wanted the tent. Once I figure that out I cut out 2 pieces of cardboard the exact same size for the wall and then I cut a slightly smaller piece for the floor. You now have a total of 3 pieces of cardboard to form  your triangle shape playhouse tent.

2. Then cut out 4 circles on each side of each individual piece.

3. Use strong adhesive to glue your wooden pieces to the walls. This will add extra support to the walls so they don’t bend down over or under.

4. Run ribbon through holes and connect the pieces.

5. You should end up with a triangle shape tent.


Now share your summer crafts, recipes, kid activities… Just click on the button below and add your fun ideas. We are looking to feature your ideas on Babble/Disney website so you may be featured when you link up!

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