Minty Lemonade Punch

mint lemonade punch

I love all things lemon, if it has lemon I love it.  This Minty Lemonade punch is the perfect thirst quencher for any gathering big or small.  I especially love how the mint gives it a cool refreshing taste.

Minty Lemonade Punch


Handful of mint leaves

1 or 2 fresh lemons (0ptional)

1 Frozen lemonade from concentrate

1 cp water

1 Sprite liter

In your pitcher place the frozen lemonade, water and Sprite. Then squeeze the fresh lemon in.

Mix until lemonade is fully mixed and add the mint leaves.

If you need it to be sweeter just add sugar.

Note: I don’t thaw out my frozen lemonade I just let it thaw out with the sprite and water to keep it cool.  The longer the mint is in the stronger the minty taste will be.


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