Color Sorting Activity: Pom Pom Drop (Gross, Fine Motor, Bilingual Skills)

color sorting activities

We’ve been working on our colors with some fun activities that I do during my 30 Days of Play (Parent Challenge) read about it here it’s not too late to join in.  My son is 3 and he’s been getting all his colors mixed up so I thought we would give him a boost of encouragement with his color learning by making it fun. He loved it!

He especially loved that we were doing little kids games.  Unfortunately, since my other two boys are older we usually end up playing games that are geared for the older ones. He usually makes sure to join in even if it’s hard so I’m trying to be more intentional about playing games with just him and for his developmental stage.

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Color Sorting Activity: Pom Pom Drop

All you need is:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • construction paper
  • tape
  • pom pom balls


1. Roll your construction paper around the toilet paper roll and tape it.

2. Place the color tube on the wall with tape.

3. Have him drop the balls that are matching the tube rolls.

Fine motor skills: I had him use tongs to pick up the pom pom balls and drop them.

color sorting game

Game option (Gross Motor Skills)

1. Set the pom pom balls a few feet away from the wall and call out a color.

2. He needs to grab the pom pom of the color you called out and run, jump or skip over and drop it into the tube of the right color.

3. We did this for 20 minutes and my son laughed and giggled the whole time!


Bilingual game option

I’m trying to talk more to him in Spanish so I added a Spanish language twist to it. This video is great for learning colors because it uses a lot of repetition and the Spanish is clear and authentic.  I have a pet peeve with Spanish songs/videos being done by someone who doesn’t pronounce things right.

This video also goes over different occupations.

1. I did the same thing as the game above but this time I would call out the color in Spanish: verde (green), rojo (red), Amarillo (yellow), Azul (blue).

2. For this game I made sure I was constantly saying the color. I actually said everything to him below in Spanish because he is bilingual we’re just working on practicing it more at home.

Oh, you got rojo.

Go drop la bola roja (the red ball) in the tube.

Say, “Bye, bye to la bola roja.”

Yay, there goes la bola roja.

He was having a blast!

Color sorting activities

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