Mother’s Day Gift Kids Can Make: You’re Toe-tally Awesome

mothers day gift

Mother’s Day Gift Kids Can Make:

Mom You’re Toe-tally Awesome!

This is cute and simple and your kids can put it together for mom or grandma.  Just print out the cute printable below or make your own little sign and place the items in a cute bag and your set. No painting or messy finger painting involved though I must say those are really cute.

I’m not really big into doing my nails but I do like to pamper myself once in a while.  Which is why I like to have a couple of  colors lying around just incase I have time in my day to be super girly.  Plus, these are the type of things that I usually would not bother to spend money on so it’s nice to get them as gifts.

DIY Pedicure in a Jar

mothers day gift

What you need:

  • nail polish
  • file
  • small pumice stone
  • toe separators
  • cotton circles
  • small nail clippers
  • jar or plastic baggie
  • Mom printable – download and print here:Mothers Day Tags Printable

or you can just get it all in a little kit in the cosmetic section of your store and place the contents in the jar.

Here’s what it looks like in a baggie but I think it looks better in the jar.

mothers day gift


This is another fun idea (just click on image):

handprints for mom for Mom or Grandma

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