Back to School Breakfast Waffles

My favorite waffle recipe and a fun back to school breakfast waffles tradition. I believe we are on our 7th year of our waffle (sometimes pancake) tradition.

apple pancakes

Back to school is a bittersweet time for me. I’m excited for summer to be over and to get back to my normal schedule but I also have that gnawing feeling these years are slipping away from me.

If you know me, you know I absolutely love traditions! Do you have a back to school tradition?

It doesn’t have to be elaborate to be special–you can have cookies (bought or homemade) ready for the kids when they walk through the door. Or if you work and aren’t able to be home then leave them a note welcoming them home from school on their first day and tell them there’s a surprise inside for them, this will build up the anticipation.  These little things encourage our children!

I’ve always tried to do a back to school breakfast for them either in the morning or for dinner, it’s a fun tradition and my boys look forward to it but in the recent years our back to school waffles tradition has morphed into breakfast for dinner.

When I worked our first day of school was crazy so a breakfast like this worked better for a fun breakfast for dinner meal.

But when we decided to homeschool we were able to pull off fun things like this in the morning without worrying about missing a bus or what not but then my husband couldn’t participate so breakfast for dinner it is! I also know of some families who have a fun back to school meal on the weekend when they have more time.

Oh, this is also great for your Apple theme or A is for Apple lesson. We are totally going to do this again for my preschooler when we get to our Apple lessons this fall.

back to school waffles

Back to School Breakfast Waffles


1.In a bowl prepare your waffle batter as directed, I share my favorite recipe in the link above. Then add the red food coloring at the end.

2. Make your waffles like you normally would.

3. Then use your circle cookie cutter to make them round.

4. Place the kiwi slice and almond over the round red waffle and your set!

Aren’t they so cute!  What’s your back to school ritual?

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