No Sew Viking Family Costumes

viking family costume

Last year, we had quite a few fun Halloween parties to attend so we had fun and wore different costumes for each party especially since they were “NO” sew costumes, it was easy to whip up.

I was Dorothy for our Ladies Halloween party. Then, we had a couples party and we went as Bob Ross and I was the canvas painting. And this was our family Halloween party costumes, we went as vikings!  This is also great for your Viking Unit for all of my homeschooling friends.  We’d been studying Vikings in our history unit so it was a fun spin to add to our lesson.

No Sew Viking Family Costumes

Viking costume

Male Viking Costume

What you’ll need for your costume:

  • Brown felt
  • orange felt or fleece
  • brown fabric for belt
  • Viking horned helmet (we purchased at a party store)

1. Tunic – Take your brown felt and measure how long he is from his shoulder to right above his knees.  Fold your fabric in half into a rectangular shape.

2. Cut up the middle to the half point, then T cut it at the shoulders so the fabric flaps over a bit around his neck.

3. Belt – Take your brown fabric for the belt and wrap it around his waist.

4. Boots – Cut out 2 more rectangular shapes from the orange fleece (you’ll need to measure how wide his calves are) to go around the bottom of his pants and pin them on to his pants, so they are steady.

Beard was also made from orange fleece. Basically, I just cut strips from the fabric leaving the top part intact so it could go around his face and I tied it in the back.

We purchased the hat and the sword.

viking family halloween costume

Girl Viking Costume

  • Brown fleece
  • white fleece
  • viking horned helmet
  • sword
  • fabric glue, permanent double sided tape or fabric fusion tape *

1. I had a brown knit dress so I used that as the base for the whole costume.

2. Tunic- is made the same way as shared above in the male viking costume section. I used a gray thick long sweater I had in my closet.

3. Skull Skirt – I cut out a long piece of brown felt to fit around my waist.  Since I had a brown dress under it, I just cut slits down the brown piece of felt. I used a large safety pin to keep it up. Then I drew 1 large skull and two small skulls on a piece of white fleece. Glue the large skull to the the front of the brown skirt and add the two small skulls on each side as shown in the image above.

The headband was a piece of copper/goldish ribbon.

Boots- I happened to have brown furry boots but if you don’t follow the same directions above for boots.

Sword and helmet were purchased.

Toothless from How to Train a Dragon

Our little man was Toothless. I will eventually post a tutorial on how to make his costume but I can’t find where I stored the pictures. His toothless costume was not completely no-sew. I did have to sew on the wings but the rest was really simple to glue on to his jacket.  Unless, you’re using removable adhesive tape to apply the pieces it won’t come off without damaging the jacket.

*I’ve never used permanent double sided tape or fabric fusion tape for our costumes, but I have readers share their tips on my other no-sew costume post, on my blog.

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No Sew Viking Family Costume

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