My Christmas Book Printable

Christmas Reader

I was trying to find an emergent reader for my son who is in the beginning stages of reading but couldn’t quite find what I wanted.  This one seemed simple enough to create. Since I like to save on paper and ink, I made it into a mini booklet to fit it all on one page.

He’s not ready for the word “see” so I highlighted it so it stands out to him and gives him exposure to the new word. I will be reading it with him and then I’ll let him read it by  himself like this:

First I’ll have him look through the book.

Then I’ll have him point out the word “I”.

Then I’ll have him point out the word “a”.

Then we’ll read the book together and I’ll point out the word “see”.

Finally, I’ll have him read it on his own.

My Christmas Book Printable

You can download your free copy here: Preschool Christmas Reader

He absolutely loved his little mini Christmas book.  The look after he finished reading it himself was priceless!!! I’ve had the joy of teaching each of our boys how to read mostly using Bob Books. Each time it’s been beautiful to see their little eyes light up.

Graphics used for this mini reader are from!

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