20 Fun Things Moms Can Do Alone


As mothers we have all day dreamed of getting a few hours to ourselves. When our family life is overwhelming and I can’t keep up with the chaos, throw up, errands and bake sales–

I simply dream of having a few hours to myself.

Nothing grand like a weekend getaway, simply a few hours, to my precious self. A time where I’m not responsible for someone else but me. Where I’m not having to answer 20 questions about the color of poop or reasons why Superman is stronger than Captain America.  A time where I can eat my food without having to warm it up again.

Don’t feel guilty about getting time for yourself. It doesn’t mean you love your family less because you need to spend time away from them every now and then. When we carve out time for ourselves we model and teach our children that it’s important to take care of ourselves.

Let’s not get lost in our daily duties, in our roles, in our children… let’s do it. Warning, you may have to force yourself to do it.

You may have to demand it but whatever it takes, make time for yourself. Your body will thank you, your soul will jump with excitement, and your kids and spouse will be happy you did. You know the saying “If moms not happy, nobody is happy.” it’s true.

You don’t have to stop being you when you become a mom. Let’s integrate those two beautiful things to make a better future for ourselves and our family.

A little time to ourselves does wonders for the soul and mind. It helps me have a clearer head and I am able to deal with tantrums and life as we know it, from a refreshed state and not a worn out mommy place.

Have you ever wanted to get some time to yourself but wondered what in the world would you do?  Well, I have a list of suggestions just in case that’s keeping you from going out and doing something all alone. Many of these don’t require more than a few hours or a lot of money.

20 Fun Things Moms Can Do Alone

  1. Just drive. Turn on your favorite music that’s not “The Wiggles”, turn it up and drive around.
  2. Go on a hike. The outdoors does our body good so go on a short or long hike. Listen to a podcast, fun music or audio book while you’re at it.
  3. Take a class. Go out and take a painting class or cooking class and learn something.
  4. Go to a movie. Yes, by yourself!
  5. Sit at a cafe and sip some coffee or peruse a magazine without any interruptions.
  6. Pamper yourself. If you don’t want to spend too much money go to the mall and the bigger department stores have free makeovers. Get a manicure or pedicure.
  7. Soak in a bubble bath. You’ll have to send the kids and spouse out for this one. Or I’ve prohibited them from coming to disturb me and I play loud classical music and lock the door to my bedroom so they can’t come in to the bathroom.reading with son
  8. Read a book. I love reading to my kids and with my kids, but sometimes my brain longs to know that I can still be engaged by something at my reading level. Find a nice quiet place and read that book you’ve been wanting to open up. Take a blanket along with you and read at the park.
  9. Go to a restaurant and try some exotic food your kids will never eat or simply your favorite restaurant. If you need something to do during your meal come up with a  list of goals or reflect on your faith.
  10. Visit a museum. Look up your local museums and discover some history and art.
  11. Go to a concert. I love outdoor concerts and many times they are free.
  12. Go to the library or bookstore. Discover a new genre or learn something new.
  13. Sit. Go and sit at the park, beach and people watch.
  14. Volunteer. Find a local shelter, pregnancy center or what not and volunteer for the day.
  15. Do yoga!
  16. Perform a random act of kindness.
  17. Unplug and take a walk around your community.
  18. Drive to the next town near you and discover it.
  19. Go and enjoy some ice cream.
  20. Kick your family out of the house and watch your favorite movie or series.

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