A Fun Way to Teach Table Manners to Kids


Dinner is supposed to be the place where we connect as a family but when I find myself saying these things over and over again it’s all BUT connecting and peaceful. So I created this table manners game for our family to use at the table. It’s kid-approved and it has helped them remember their meals.

You’ll receive a pdf file with the activity sheet for you to print out. You can find the instructions to play this activity HERE . 

Best played with children who between the ages of 3-10 years old.



You’ll enjoy playing this fun game of Look Who is Not Pigging out! To encourage table manners at the dinner table in a fun way.

In theory, it would be nice if we didn’t have to correct our children, and once we told them something they would remember it and then apply it. But unfortunately, that’s not the case for most kids. It takes years of training, encouraging and reminding them simple things like flushing the toilet after using it or not to interrupt others…

So the goal of the game is that no one is pigging out! When your child is handed a “Proper Pig” or “Manners Monkey” stick, you can say, “Great job being a Manners Monkey! or “Look who is not pigging out!”