Gratitude Conversation Starters for the Whole Family


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Encouraging gratitude in our children doesn’t have to be complicated with these fun and colorful Gratitude Conversation Starters for the Whole Family! You’ll receive a downloadable link for your 24 gratitude prompts after you checkout You can print off your conversation starters. You can use them at home around the dinner table or keep them in your purse to use while you’re waiting for an appointment.



One of the traditions we started eight years ago was a gratitude activity for the whole family. It’s simple and we all participate even the little ones through out the month of November during our dinner time.

This Gratitude Conversation Starters for the Whole Family activity can be enjoyed in the car, on the way to school, while waiting in line… Just put these cards on a binder clip and pop it in your purse and you’re set.  For us, dinner is the time that works best for us.  So at dinner we pull out a card from our jar and then we each go take a turn responding to the card.  I always loved hearing what my 2 year old had to say, he didn’t get what was going on but we still participated.