Gratitude Prompts With Scripture


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These fun and simple gratitude cards stop us in our tracks and remind us to be thankful in the midst of the chaos. This Gratitude Prompts Family Activity will make it easy to remember to be thankful!

You’ll get a pdf file to download with the 4 pages of Gratitude Prompt cards & journal pages for you to print off.
For a limited time, you’ll also receive journal pages so you can spend 12 days being thankful!



Honestly, some evenings, I’m not thinking about how to instill gratitude in my children, much less feeling thankful myself. By dinner time I’m in task mode.

Feed my kids, get homework done, and get them in bed are my main goals each evening.

My task-oriented self forgets about what my soul longs to do which is to instill gratitude in my children and myself.

So, we’ve been using these gratitude prompts to help us stop and remind us to be thankful! I place them in a jar and we take them out during mealtime.

You can also use them as a journaling activity. Pull one out fill in the blank and then write out the verse and pray it back to God. Use them in your car ride to school or keep them in your purse and pull them out when you’re feeling grumpy about waiting in line.