Dr. Seuss Party

dr. seuss party ideas

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

I wanted to share this party with you all as we draw closer to celebrating Theodor Seuss Geisl.  Hopefully our activities and fun inspired you to celebrate!

Every year we get excited about throwing a Back to School party for my son’s class.  We love it because it’s a great way to Dr. Seuss Partyget to  know my sons classmates, their families and the teachers, outside of the school setting!

So this year we went with a Dr. Seuss theme mostly because I love all the wonderful inspiring quotes I have found in his books. This was a fun way to share them with the kids and have a little fun before the school year gets going.

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Dr. Seuss Party

Dessert Table

Jello with Gummy fish

Marshmallows sticks dipped in white chocolate and colored sprinkles. The decor was simple! I covered styrofoam in blue paper and glued some quotes!

I filled up a glass vase with chips and put a quote inside it. Once again simple.

Dr. Suess Hat cake – 5 layers of chocolate cake covered with buttercream frosting! I must admit I really think fondant would’ve been much easier than using this buttercream frosting.


I made paper fans circles with polka dot paper and turqoise tissue paper. I also used red paper lanterns to hang from the trees.

Books- His books are another simple way to decorate. I had them set out on the table.

Quotes- Print out quotes and display them. Here’s a fun free printable with quotes.

Fabric- Invest in some fun fabric and use it to cover the tables. I have managed to use this fabric in so many of their parties, you can’t go wrong with stripes and polka dots.


Photo Shoot!  Our Thing 1 and Thing 2 photo booth was a huge success. It was a wonderful idea and I even got my boys involved. They helped me paint it. Once we were done with it, I donated it to the school.

Dr. Seuss Duck, Duck Goose Game– We played One fish, 2 fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. It’s the same thing as duck duck goose but we changed the words to one fish, 2 fish red fish and at BLUE FISH that person is the one who runs around.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Freeze tag – I made blue hair from tissue paper and attached it to headbands. Two people were chosen to wear them and they had to tag the rest of the group. Once they were tagged they had to freeze.

Cat in the Hat Ball Game – I used a small trash can and made it look like Dr. Suess’ hat and then they took turns trying to throw the balls in.

boyfriendreplacement: Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday with Recipes for Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cupcakes, Pink Yink Ink Smoothies, Cat in the Hat Marshmallow Pops Recipe Completely adorable.

Tah dah! I didn’t get a close up picture of the red buttercream frosting cupcakes that are in the picture above to the right, but they were really cute. We were going for the blue icing look (picture via www.goodlifeeats.com)  but my friend ran out of blue food coloring (the kids didn’t care).

Here are my boys helping me paint the Thing 1 and Thing 2 Photo prop.  I just drew it on butcher paper, painted it and then cut out the face.

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