Kid Friendly Halloween Party Ideas

The first time we took our son trick or treating he was petrified. The neighborhood we lived in, went all out with their gory Halloween decor and I think he was scarred for life.  Since that experience we decided to start a tradition in our family, to host a Halloween/Harvest Party in our home for our friends.
In the past I have tried to get creative in my decorating and crafts, by coming up with some kid friendly Halloween fun ideas and staying away from bloody body parts and other scary things. These are some of the kid friendly Halloween party ideas I have come up with and the others are from BHG.  Check out all the great fun and cute printables!
Last year, I went with the purple, orange and black theme and the year before it was a Pumpkin Patch theme lots of pumpkin and hay, shown below.  I am still not sure what this years will look like.
Party table
Look Up
images via BHG
We had a large group so we did some prep work ahead of time to get our pumpkin spiders ready for our guest. Use a melon baller and make a hole in the middle big enough for a tea candle. Glue googly eyes to the pumpkin and ahead of time make 4 small holes on the bottom to insert pipe cleaners for the legs.
Halloween bat, mummy or spider  craft or treat sacks from Paper Bags


Candy Corn Display
Candy Corn printable labels link is below. Apple wedges sandwiched with caramel and marshmallows for teeth
Store bought Orange Punch and with a sharpie made pumpkin faces. You can also download this printable for the cute owl soda drinks.  See link below.
Candy Corn Cookies
Halloween Sucker Centerpiece
Worm Juice- Gummy worms on the edges of the punch bowl. I taped eyes to the outside of the bowl.
lollipops covered in orange tissue paper and pumpkin faces drawn on. Lollipop spiders printables link is below.
Hotdogs wrapped in frozen biscuit dough or dinner roll, crescent rolls also works and then bake. I used food writing pens to make the eyes.
healthy snack- mandarin pumpkins
Pumpkin cupcakes using chocolate chips for the face and green fondant for the stem.
Photo Booth Dress up
Hang a picture frame from the ceiling and add lots of props for fun pictures
Decorate your pumpkin station- We had markers, feathers, tissue paper, pipe cleaners and paint out on the table for kids to do whatever they wished with their pumpkins
Caramel Apple Biting Contest– Hang apples from ceiling or tree and have kids try to bite the caramel apple without using their hands. It’s quite entertaining to watch!
If you go to BHG here they have a list of all the free printables I mentioned above plus more for you to choose from. All professional images shown above are from BHG.

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