Angry Birds Craft: Bookmarks for Kids


We are a little late on starting our Summer Reading but better late then never, right.  The kids requested Angry Birds Bookmarks when I asked them what kind of bookmarks they wanted to make.  They really got into it they turned the Recycled Box Playhouse Tent  that I shared with you a couple of weeks ago and they made them into a fort for two.

angry bird bookmarks

We are a little behind because we took a little family vacation that we have been saving up to do for years.  We left as soon as school was out and then we spent last week resting and catching up so now I am trying to get us organized. And the first thing I wanted to get us doing is some fun learning.

angry bird diy bookmarks


This bookmark is really easy to make and it definitely got my kids excited about reading.  They are not avid readers and they enjoy it okay but it’s definitely not one of their favorite things to do.

Angry Birds Bookmark


  • foam sheets
  • glue
  • popsicle stick

1. You can google Angry birds coloring sheet or image and trace it or you can do what I did. I found a cup the size of the bird I wanted and I traced it onto the foam sheet then I added the little spiked hair to the top of the circle.

2. Trace the eyes, beak and eyebrows onto the foam sheets.

angry bids bookmark

3. Once you have everything traced and cutout start gluing the face together.

4. When you glue the face to the stick make sure you only glue halfway because the face is supposed to be a flap to go in between your pages to serve as the bookmark, as shown below.

angry birds bookmark

Easy peasy, right!

diy bookmarks for kids

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