One Thing You Should Never Forget as a Mom {Wise Words from Mother Teresa}

do small things with great love mother teresa

I was reminded of these wise words from Mother Teresa this morning.

It was exactly what I needed to read as I sat there feeling overwhelmed with

my schedule,

my mound of laundry,

my back to school list

my errands list,

my pile of dishes,

my meetings list,

my dirty house…

As mothers this is what our day is full of, the little things and little people.

When all you’ve managed to make is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch AND breakfast and well let’s not talk about dinner.

When the house is clean and not a single soul realizes, it’s because you’ve picked up toys at least 25 times that day.

When changing diapers and feeding your baby is pretty much all you can manage to do.

When you’ve only read one small paragraph of your devotional because your son wanted to sit on your lap while making plane and car noises the whole time.

When the sink is full of dishes, dinner hasn’t been made and the kids are a filthy mess but you’ve made fun memories with them that day.

When you write your kids a note to stick in their lunches on a used napkin because you can’t find a clean one because you haven’t made it to the grocery store.

When it’s dinner time and your house looks like 30 children trampled through it, when in reality it was just 3 kids having fun in the living room.

When you linger in bed just a little bit longer in the morning, to cuddle with your child.

When your husband asks, “What did you all do today?” And what is running through your head is “They’re in one piece. They’re clean. They didn’t go hungry.” The end.

When sitting on the toilet is precious ME time.

When you had great plans for your day and you only made it to the park with the kids.

When you’re running late to piano lessons for the 5th time, you’re stuck in traffic and your kids are arguing in the back seat.

When you’re up in the middle of the night warming up a bottle.

Be encouraged sweet mom,

keep doing those little things.

It’s the little things that add up.

It’s the little things done with great love that fill their little hearts.

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