DIY Halloween Treat Bags

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

I have one child in particular who doesn’t really care for crafts, so if  I ever want him to be a part of our crafting time it has to be easy. When he saw our DIY Halloween Treat Bag craft not only did he want to make them because he said they were cool,  but also because they were simple.  Even a toddler can make these!

The fun part about these bags is they are so versatile you can stuff them with candy and handout to classmates or fill them with cookies and give them to your favorite teacher or you can just make them as a craft. My husband used to be a teacher and he was always looking for inexpensive little gifts to give the kids for holidays.  This is perfect for just that.

halloween treat sacks

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Basic Supplies:

  • Paper bags
  • googly eyes
  • paint

These are the basic supplies and depending on which craft you choose to do, the items will vary.


Extra Supplies: white tissue paper

This is the easiest since it doesn’t involve any painting. Take your white paper bag or paint a brown bag white.

Stuff your bag with your goody and staple the end together.  Then apply glue as you wrap the tissue paper around it and leave an opening at the top so you can glue the eyes onto the bag.


Extra supplies: black construction paper

Paint bag black. Let it dry completely.  Then apply your eyes and glue the wings to the side of your bag.


Extra supplies: black pipe cleaners

Paint bag black. Let it dry completely.  Fill with treat. Apply eyes.  Take your pipe cleaner and make spider legs the size you want them to be.  Poke legs through bag and then tape them from the inside.


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