Walking Sticks Craft {Camping Craft}

walking sticks craft

With three boys in our home, we are never short of walking sticks or rocks.  Every hike we take whether in the woods or in our neighborhood my boys always manage to come back home with a stick.  A multi-purpose walking stick that goes from being a gun, sword to walking aide is apparently a necessity in their world.

For our last camping trip with friends and family we made walking sticks for the kids to enjoy.  I was trying to think of a camping craft for kids that didn’t involve too much supplies as I didn’t want to add more to our already packed car. This seemed to be the perfect fit and it was a big hit with the kids. They started off with a nature scavenger hunt I updated the one I shared a year ago (get the free printable here).  During the hunt they were instructed to find a walking stick to paint later that afternoon which I knew was not a hard task to do in the national forest that we were camping at.

camping crafts for kids

Walking Sticks Craft


  • stick
  • paint (tempera)
  • paint brushes

1. Take your walking stick and remove any moss, or little branches sticking out of it.

2. Paint the sticks but make sure to let the kids know not to use too much paint because they will want it to dry quickly so they can turn it over and paint the other side.

3. Once it’s painted, let it dry.

Even the older kids got into this craft! I’d say it was a big hit for kids of all ages!

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