Christmas Nativity Craft Stick Ornament


My Christmas Tree was missing a nativity ornament. We’ve made a few nativity type of crafts in the past but not an ornament.  Last year, I made toilet paper tube nativity that turned out great and it has made it through lots of little hands.  Oh, and my kids did make a really cute manger ornament that you can find here.

Again as with all of the other ornaments this nativity can be made in 10 minutes and it’s kid friendly.


Join me throughout the week for our 7 Days of Homemade Christmas Ornaments that can me made in 10 minutes. Here’s the schedule so you can stop by and check them out.

Day 1 – Craft Stick Carolers Ornament

Day 2 – Bottle Cap Santa & Rudolph Ornament

Day 3- Gnome Santa Ornament also made from Craft sticks

Day 4 – Cupcake Ornament from an recycled ornament

Day 5 – Mary, Joseph and Baby ornament

Day 6 – Peppermint Candy Ornament

Day 7 – Photo Sleigh ornament

Christmas Nativity Craft Stick Ornament


  • felt
  • craft sticks
  • glue
  • fabric

1. You can use only felt if you don’t have fabric scraps.



2. You’ll need to cut your craft stick in half and then glue the circle to the stick.

3. Then wrap the red fabric around the stick.

4. Next make the head covering with a piece of fabric cut out in a rectangular shape. Glue the forehead part first.

5. Bring down the side of the head covering and glue.

6. Basically follow the same procedure for Joseph and baby Jesus.

7. I glued Mary slightly over Joseph’s body and then I glued baby Jesus over Mary’s body.

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