Drab to Fab Couple Poses

From the Studio to Your Home Photography Tips by  Jill Tirrell Contributing Writer

So how many of you have about a million photos that look just like this?

This Valentine’s Day lets branch out a little and get something more romantic with our hubby or boyfriend!

Here are five romantic pose ideas that I hand picked to give you some inspiration.  So set up the tripod or get a friend or one of the kiddos to take the photo and do something a little more creative. 

And step outside to do it!  If you can bear the cold 🙂

Interact with each other.  First get close.  Really close (think no gaps between the two of you).  Then just talk, tell jokes, kiss, laugh and let someone snap away.
Take a step back.  When you’re outside photos can look so much more beautiful if you step way back and let some of that beautiful scenery compliment the photo.

Use the rule of thirds.  It gets boring having your subjects smack dab in the middle of the photo.  The rule of thirds means you split the photo into three segments vertically and three segments horizontally.  The four points on the photo where two lines meet are a great place to arrange your subjects.  This rule has been around for ages in art and makes for a visually pleasing image.

Close up and romantic.  It can be really beautiful to zoom way in on your subjects.  It’s especially great for those romantic poses.  Forehead kisses, almost kissing, etc.

Try an action shot.  You do need someone behind the camera for these because they have to snap away while you twirl, walk, etc.  Action makes for some fun shots though!
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