Lovely Handmade Mother’s Day Cards

Handmade is a word I appreciate! Mostly because of all the time I know someone has put into it.  I am sure any mother will enjoy these lovely, creative and simple cards. These may look like elaborate cards but they are so easy to make. Kelly is going to share with us in 2 parts how to make these simple but lovely cards for mom or grandma. The beauty of homemade cards is that you can change them around to work for any occasion. These can easily be a teachers appreciation card, thank you card…… Stop by Part 2 Creative Mother’s Day Cards!

Featured Contributor: Kelly Griglione

For the flower loving mom. Fresh-Flowers-In-A-Vase card bouquet

Punch and stamp several flower shapes. Run floral wire through a pearl bead,
bend, go through the center of the flower, and twist the short end behind the
flower. Thread your flowers through two holes in your card base to hold the
flowers together in a bouquet.

For the Coffee Lovin’ Mom … a Love You A Latte card.

Handwrite your sentiment on a strip of paper, fold back on either side of the
sentiment, and notch both ends of the strip. Adhere to the card for a
dimensional banner proclaiming your love for Mom. Adhere stickers that spell out MOM.

 Cut heart and coffee shapes out of your favorite paper and adhere.

For the Traditional Mom …

A simple card with a layered banner. For the banner cut a strip of paper smaller than your card base. Then cut inward from each bottom corner to a center point about 1/2 inch from the bottom. Adhere sticker or using your favorite paper and add Happy Mothers Day.

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Kelly Griglione~ I am a stay-at-home-mom with two boys, and desperately trying to cherish every minute of it. My  goal is to simplify, but I usually fail miserably. One day life will be boring and then I’ll catch up on sleep!  I blog over at Notable Nest.

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