Christmas Family Games: Christmas Carol Charades

Christmas Carol Charades

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Christmas Carol Charades game will have you rolling on the floor from watching your friends and family try to get you to guess the Christmas Carol.  We have played this for the past three years with different family and friends and it’s always a great time to get everyone interacting and laughing.

My absolute favorite time we played this we had about 40 people playing. It was friends and family of all ages and all of our kids joined in. It was also a very fun competitive group so people were going all out to get their team to guess the song. I laughed so much that night my cheeks hurt when I got home.

You will need at least 4 people so no worries if you have a small group.  Split into two teams. If you have more reserved people who prefer not to do any of the clue giving, it’s fine. Just have them be guessers.

How To Play: Basically this is like charades with a twist.

Have everyone write names of Christmas Carols on index cards or small sheets of paper (only write 1 carol on each strip of paper). You can also write some carols ahead of time that aren’t typical ones that your group probably won’t think of. Don’t worry if you have repeats if you pick a repeat when it’s your turn, just toss it out.  Depending on the size of the group, have at least 40 carols written down. Fold index cards and place in a bowl. Then each team takes turns guessing. Each team will need to choose a person from their own team who will give out clues for each round. Preferably not the same person giving out the clues. There are 3 rounds see below.

The other team will watch the clock and let them know when their one minute guessing time is over. When one minute is up each team keeps a count of how many they guessed. Whichever one they didn’t guess before the timer went off, goes back in the bowl. Each team does one round of each round then you go to the next round. Once all of the carols have been guessed, each team counts how many they have and the one with the most wins.

You have three rounds:

1st round– You have your team guess the Carol on the paper. One person gives the clues to try to get the team to guess but they can’t use any of the words in the name of the Carol.

2nd round– Each round gets harder. For this round the only clues is acting out. NO words.

3rd round– For this round you only get to use one word. Your team tries to guess with only that one word. All the clue giver can do for this round is nod their head if they are close or nod their head to let them know to keep guessing.

Here’s a short Christmas Carol List:

Silver Bells                   We Three Kings of Orient Are

Joy to the World          Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Grandma got run over by a reindeer      Silent Night

Jingle Bell Rock           Mary Did you Know

Feliz Navidad               O Holy Night

Santa Claus is Coming to Town       Frosty the Snowman

For more Christmas Carols see this list on Wikipedia

 Want More?

If you’re looking for an Advent Calendar focused on Jesus that will take your family through scripture here’s one that we are using right now and LOVE! Names of Jesus Advent Ornaments or these HERE that we’ve used in the past.

It’s for the busy family who wants to focus on Christ this seasons. It has both bible verses and a reading plan for the Jesus Storybook Bible that you can use for kids of all ages.

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  4. I love this. I had an idea for Christmas charades where I was gonna write down names of Christmas characters only, but this is good. plus, the rounds gives it more structure. my church folk will definitely have a laugh doing this. Thank you.

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