Organize Your Home: 12 Ways to Declutter Using Pocket Organizers

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I love how versatile Shoe Hangers are for organizing!  Here are 12 different ways for you to organize your home in less than 20  minutes by using a over the door shoe hanger to store your stuff. You can find these at any store and sometimes you can even get them at the $1 store.

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12 Ways to Organize Your Home Using Shoe Storage Pockets

1. School supplies or teaching supplies can be stored in each pocket. If you want to go the extra mile label each pocket. idea via Something To Do

2. Toys- Action figures- Place all of your child’s action figures inside each pocket and hang low for them to have easy access.  idea via Organize Your Stuff Now

3. Bathroom Caddy- place blow dryer, hair accessories, brushes, make up bag, hand mirror…

4. Shoes or books under the bed- Instead of hanging it over the door place it in between your mattresses and hang from there. The blankets will hide it.

5. Dolls- Do you have one too many dolls lying around Place each one in pocket and have them in a visible and reachable area for your child. image via Container Store

6. Laundry Room organizer Place your laundry spray bottles, lint brushes… inside each pocket for easy access. idea via The Nest

7. Ribbon and Craft Supplies- I love how she placed her ribbons, threads on cardboard and then place them in each pocket.  You can easily fill these pockets up with all of  your crafting supplies. idea via All People Quilt

8. Car Organizer- Place behind a seat or in the back storage area and fill it up with your traveling essentials. idea via: Decororganizer

9. Lingerie and Jewelry Organizer- I never would have thought of this one but very clever. Place your lingerie in each pocket for easy organizing. idea via Sew 4 Home

10. Hat and Scarf Hanger- place all of your outdoor essentials neatly inside the pockets.

11. Medicine- Store all of your meds in each pocket keeping everything organized and visible. Ours is all in a box and it can get frustrating digging through it trying to find fever medicine in the middle of the night for our kids.

organizing the pantry

12. Pantry Items – I love this clever idea. She places seasoning packets in each pocket. You can also place other light weight pantry items in it unless you are using a durable shoe organizer. idea via Mashup Mom

plant organizer

Also another fun one I found was for your plants. Idea via Instructables

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