DIY Party: Cute Food Display on a Budget

diy party food displays

I am one of those DIY party planners. I dont’ do everything from scratch but I like to find ways to make things cute on a budget. I thought this Coffee Filter Popcorn Baggy was pretty ingenious of me so I had to share. My husband bought the wrong kind of coffee filters the other day and there are about 100 of them so I immediately wondered how we could reuse them.

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If you’re reading this post it’s because you like cute food displays so you’re going to chuckle at this.  I asked my husband to help me put the popcorn in the cute baggies and he says to me in all seriousness, “You know there are paper bags and popcorn bags that you can use.” I looked at him also in all seriousness, “No thanks these are much cuter.”  But I was really thinking this, “Aren’t you deeply dumbfounded by my ingenious way to reuse the coffee filters that you purchased on accident?” I didn’t say that out loud.

Okay back to the cute baggies. I was in the middle of planning my sons Dinosaur Party so this was the perfect place to put those coffee filters to use.  I used them as a cute DIY food display.  You can embellish them however you wish but I wanted mine to be simple since our theme was dinosaurs.  I will share the leaf and twine later but this is the quick and simple version.

Diy cute party displays

All you need is the coffee filters but the circle shaped ones would probably not work as well.  I printed out the roar label and glued it on to one end and stuffed it with “Explorer rocks” which were white chocolate caramel covered popcorn.  Yummy!

Here’s more of our Dinosaur Party fun! March is party month for us so stay tune for more of our cute DIY Party Food Displays on a Budget.

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