Kids Craft: Gumball Bracelets

gumball bracelets

I love the colors in these fun gumball bracelets.  I don’t have any girls of my own so I really had fun making this for a little friend. Though I am sure my boys would wear that bracelet just to get the gumballs off.

I love how versatile these little cute but inexpensive party favors can be, you can make them as a gift for that child who has everything and make 8 different colors and designs.  It can also be a quick party favor or class favor to make for your child’s friends.


  • Gumballs
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Toothpick

Grab your toothpick or something else that is sharp to make a hole through the gumballs.

Apply tape to the ends of the ribbon to make it easy to run it through the gumballs.

Run the ribbon through your first gumball and then make a knot, repeat this however many times you want. I chose to do 3 gumballs.

gumball bracelet

That’s it.


Use tape to secure the ends of the ribbon so it can go through your gumballs.

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