Simple Water Fun: Splish Splash Kids’ Bike Wash

Simple Water Fun: Splish Splash Kids’ Bike Wash

simple water fun

An older friend just reminded me that these are the types of activities she enjoyed as a kid back when they didn’t have all the camps, vbs and activities over the summer. They just played and had fun.  She went on to say this about our activity,”A much simpler yet rich childhood for your boys.”  She reminded me not to underestimate the power of simple activities.

If you’ve been on Pinterest you’ve probably seen lots of the fancy bike wash contraptions.  Well, after looking how to put one together I thought to myself–Where will I store it?  How many more times will I use it.  These are the things that go through my pragmatic mind when I purchase things especially since our house doesn’t have much storage space.

summer fun activity

So we went with good old fashion fun and used a sprinkler for our fun bike wash water fun.  It actually involved into that because the kids were playing in the sprinkler for over an hour and then decided they needed something else to do other then run back and forth in it.  Apparently, they got bored of doing this for over an hour.

simple summer fun

That’s when the bikes came out and I brought out the pail of soap and water for them. It’s chilly here in the mountains so as soon as the sun hides behind the clouds, you’re essentially freezing so the kids appreciate the pail of warm soap and water.


They had so much fun!

summer fun: bike wash


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