Preschool Activities: Farm

Preschool Activities: Farm

farm kids activities

I should of bought a bigger bin for my son’s sensory play activities, because some days he tries really hard to fit his whole body in this small bin.  Even if you’re not homeschooling or doing anything on farms, I highly recommend you fill a bin with kernels, animals any other farm toy for your kids to enjoy. My son has thoroughly enjoyed this farm sensory bin.

This past week and this week have been extremely busy for me so I haven’t been really good about taking picture of my little man’s activities during preschool.  I’ll be spending two weeks on our farm activities so enjoy reviewing your other letters and numbers and more farm fun!

Preschool Activities: Farm

Letter & Number of the week: F and #3

Math Activity:

-Counting Pigs (free printable here)

-Count the seeds the farmer is going to plant. We just used seeds from our papaya fruit (it has TONS of seeds).

-Traced the #4 with his car and fingers.

-Build the #4 with playdough

Gross & Fine Motor Skills through Music, Art and/or Movement

-Animal charades- Use some animal flashcards and turn them over then have each child pick a card. Without showing it anyone they need to act out the animal for everyone else to guess.

-Muddy Pig Art – Have your child color some pigs and then help them cut it out.  Then have them glue the pigs on some paper. Take your piggies to a designated area where they’ll get messy!  This area will have sloshy, messy mud in a bowl that has been mixed with paint. Let them splash mud on the pigs. It’s even better if they are outside, that way they can throw mud patties at their piggies.


-Play Old Macdonald Had a Farm and have your kids dance like the animal you’re singing about.

– Paint with tractors! Have them run their tractor wheels through the paint and then “drive” it around on the designated paper.

Literacy Activity:

farm alphabet activity

Alphabet letter hunt on the farm – Here I had Mateo find the letters we’ve learned inside the farm amongst the kernels of corn.

-Literacy Connection -Read the book Cock-a-doodle-doo Barnyard Hubaloo by M. Giles – Run your hands under the farm animal words so your child can make the connection between the words on the page and what they are hearing you say.  This is some simple print awareness.

-Barnyard Hubaloo Dramatic Play Activity – Just set up the farm and let him enjoy discovering the animals and their sounds.  before or after the dramatic play.  Go here to get the details on how to make this easy barn and toilet paper tube animals.

Science/Social Studies Activity

-Have kids think about what it takes to raise animals on the farm: food, shelter, exercise…

-Place one raw egg and one hard-boiled egg on a table and ask kids to determine which is which. Explain that raw eggs wobble when spun on their end, while hard-boiled eggs spin cleanly. Explain to children that this is because raw eggs are liquid inside while hard-boiled eggs are solid, and the sloshing of the liquid in the raw egg is what causes it to wobble.

-Place a raw egg in water and a boiled egg in water. Which one floats and which one sinks?  Let them guess.   Then explain to children that salt water is more buoyant than plain water and that other items will also float more easily in salt water such as the ocean — including their own bodies.

Spanish –  I quickly discovered that in Spanish “Old Macdonald” is “Tio Juan” (uncle Juan) This is my kids favorite Old Macdonald Had a Farm in Spanish that I found on YouTube.  This Old Macdonald version in Spanish  video is the literal translation of the song and it also had it in English.

-Sing Tio Juan song and then Animal charades- Use some animal flashcards and turn them over then have each child pick a card. Without showing it anyone they need to act out the animal for everyone else to guess in SPANISH.

Critical Thinking Activity – Encourage your child to imagine that they lived on a farm and ask what they think it would be like to live on the farm.  More challenging activity- Have them compare & contrast their day to day to what they think it would be like to live on the farm.

This weeks feature from our Mom’s Library is from My Nearest and Dearest blog with her To Market to Market Nursery Activity

farm rhyme

And as always I invite you to join in the fun and link up your fabulous activities that you’re enjoying at home with your kids!

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