Moms Always Love

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“In my experience, every good parent intuitively knows what is good and not good for his sons (daughters). The problem is, we ignore our intuitions and jump on the train loaded with mothers and fathers pushing their sons (daughters) to outshine the others. Get off of that train.”

Moms Always Love

You want to know the power of motherhood? It’s not in how much stuff we give them or all the classes, sports or top notch school you enroll them in but…

It lies in your constant love for them.

It lies in your endless belief in them. Even when they don’t believe in themselves, we see their potential.

It lies in our constant hope that good things lie ahead.

It lies in the countless hours we spend on our knees, praying for them.

And it comes back to, we loved them first and we will always love them–in all their flaws.

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