Recycled Bottle Craft: Watering Can

The summer heat means your plants are in need of more water than the usual.  I made this watering can from a yogurt jug or you can use a milk or juice jug.

recycled water bottle craft

I love how it turned out, the colors are so fun on the abstract flowers.  I made it this big because I wanted lots of water in it but my boys can’t hold it when it’s full. So for little ones don’t fill it up.

My son was the first to try it and you can kind of see his excited face side expression in the picture above.

watering can craft


  • Recycled bottle
  • acrylic paint
  • varnish or transparent spray paint
  • thumb tack
  • Sharpie

1. Draw your design with a Sharpie and then paint it in.

2. Once the paint is dry add a varnish or transparent spray paint to give it a protective layer so the paint doesn’t come right off.

recycled bottle craft

3. With a thumb tack make the holes on the top.

4. Screw it on and it’s ready to be used.

diy watering can from recycled bottle

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