No Sew Costume for Kids: Peter Pan

peter pan no sew costume

As usual my boys can’t decide what they want to be for Halloween.  It takes them forever and usually it happens the day of our annual family Halloween Party when they finally decide. So I usually end needing to get very creative with what we already have at home. They went with a Peter Pan theme!  My little man broke his arm so he had a cast on that Halloween but it suited our theme perfectly.

Captain Hooks no sew costume tutorial is here (just as easy) and the baby pirate costume was the easiest to put together: t-shirt, eye patch and bandana. Isn’t he adorable with his two little teeth sticking out and his wooden sword!

baby pirate costume

Two years later our boys are still playing with these no sew Peter Pan and pirate/Captain Hook costumes. It’s important to use good glue for these no sew projects.  I use silicone liquid glue and it holds up pretty good.

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no sew peter pan costume

You will need:

  • a green t-shirt
  • brown felt
  • feather
  • fabric glue

1. See picture below to figure out how to cut the costume out from a t-shirt.

peter pan costume from a tee shirt

2. Then take a piece of brown felt or a brown leather belt to string around their waist.

3. Then use another piece of brown felt and cover the top part of their shoes and calves with it.  Measure around your child’s calves to figure out how wide to cut the brown felt.  Then glue them together and use safety pins if needed to keep it from creeping down while they walk.

My little guy needed a dagger and a patch. So I let him roll with his Peter Pan costume however he wished.

4. Then take your brown felt that’s approximately the size of your child’s head when folded in half and cut it in this shape as shown below.

peter pan hat tutorial

3. Glue along the top and side of the hat leaving the bottom open.  Once it’s dry fold over the open ends and insert your feather.

4. I cut a strip of brown felt for his belt or you can use a brown leather belt.

That’s it!

At our house our kids dress up year round, here’s my son playing with his costume just last month.

halloween costumes for kids

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