Thanksgiving Countdown and Gratitude Activities

Tis, the season to be grateful!  These activities will help you and your family cultivate a heart of thankfulness this season.

We need November so we can thoroughly embrace the small miracles of December!

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Below is our fun list of gratitude ideas. If you are looking for more ideas I recently posted this one that has some of our absolute favorite family gratitude games and activities.

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Thanksgiving Countdown and Gratitude Activities

thanksgiving countdown & gratitude

No-Sew Thanksgiving Countdown calendar – Can you believe, it’s no sew?  I made it simple with 31 pockets because I wanted to be able to change it up for other holidays. Get the details here.

ABC’s of Thanksgiving has been so fun to do this year with my little guy. Get the free (for a limited time) printable booklet here!

Gratitude Hike

I share HERE about our ABC’s of gratitude hike. You don’t have to find a park or woods you can do a hike in your neighborhood.

21 Days of Thanksgiving Countdown– I used this for some time and absolutely loved it.

Thanksgiving printable pack

Gratitude & Thanksgiving Jar Prompts Printable – These are so fun and it’s what I’ve been using for the past couple of years you can get them at my shop here  This year I made similar ones to this but attached a verse to it. I’ll share that free printable soon!

Give Thanks Countdown Cards-These cards are designed to use at dinner, family  night, in the car on the way to school.  Just print and cut out. You can put them on a ring so you can have them with you at all times.  I will be putting ours in our Thanksgiving Countdown calendar and each day our kids will pull one out at dinner. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 (click on link, right click on image, copy and paste into your document, print)

Thankful Pumpkin Activity– This can be done each day in the month of November or the evening of your Thanksgiving meal.

Thankful Tree– This lovely little craft made by Creekside Learning was featured in the Celebrate Fall Issue.

Starting a Gratitude Journal– Aren’t these just lovely? I love how simply beautiful they are and I know the notes of gratitude that will be taken, will be priceless.

gratitude photo challenge

10 Days of Gratitude Challenge — This is going on now so make sure you join us. There are free printables one for you and one for kids.

Thank You Postcards I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love to receive thank you mail especially when it’s real mail! Here’s a fun way to get the kids involved in writing thank you notes.

And Just Because…

Thanksgiving Ship Craft

Mayflower Ship! Read the first Thanksgiving story with your kids and have them do this activity using an egg carton, tooth picks, string and paper.  It’s easy, cute and can also be used as a place card for Thanksgiving.

Here are other simple ideas we have utilized in our family to raise kids who are grateful and not entitled.

Enjoy instilling an attitude of gratitude in your home with these fun and simple ideas!

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