Fast & Fun Halloween Snacks

fast and fun halloween snacks

This may be coming early but I couldn’t help myself since I was encouraged to write a Halloween post this past week by a client, they turned out so cute in the creepy cute way, see for yourself here.

My only requirements for these Halloween snacks was that they be fast and simple but fun. So all of these were just that! What I love about these snacks is that they’re versatile, I used them during our school lessons, for parties and just a fun snack for the kids lunch.

12+ Fast & Fun Halloween Snacks

mummy lunch

Mummy Pizza we enjoyed during one of our social studies lessons on mummies while studying Egypt. Since they’re so simple you can whip 10 of these for your Halloween party in no time.

witch hat

Halloween Witch Hat it’s simple and cute!

witch cupcakes in a jar

These Halloween cupcakes are super cute. The awesome thing about these cupcakes is that you can buy a chocolate cake from the grocery store and just stuff them in your jars and no one would know the difference they’d just be in awe that you could stick straws through it and make witch legs. LOL

DIY Halloween Treat Toppers

Halloween Treat Toppers–This is not a recipe but they are so cute to add to your fun treat bags.

owl snack for kids

Healthy Owl Snack – This was another fun snack we enjoyed while learning! We were studying nocturnal animals and we made this fun and healthy snack that the kids chowed down instantly.

healthy popcorn balls

Deliciously healthy Popcorn Balls- we’re a big hit in our home!

halloween finger food

Halloween Finger food! These are creepishly awesome!

halloween fudge

Pumpkin Patch fudge!

banana pops

Boonana Pops are covered in white chocolate but if you’re looking for healthy version I will be posting mine soon. It’s a healthier alternative and they’re just as cute.

Yogurt Covered Boo-nana Pops  -This healthy alternative is coming soon!

frankenstein, mummies & zombie bread

Nutella Stuffed Bread Monsters–This one requires a few more steps if you make the dough from scratch but you can easily purchase some crescent rolls to create this yumminess.

Pumpkin Patch Cups–A tradition in the making at our home! Fall is here and since we have no pumpkin patches to visit we made our own edible fun! coming soon!

candy corn fruit snack

Healthy Candy Corn Snack–Yum, especially if you use fresh fruit!

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