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I was gloating to my “professional” camping husband that according to my website I’m also a pro camper.  He laughed but then I showed him my blog stats and pretty much every day for the past year this post right here “Camping With Kids: Packing Checklist and List” it gets 100’s of views daily, just yesterday I had 850 views.

He then says, “You only know those things because of me.” Ha! Well, I guess it’s sort of true.

So here on my website, I will be sharing with you some of my camping hacks as a series. These are my “own” ideas not my hubbies.  They are easy and they have saved me tons of time.

This first one that I’m featuring in my series is my favorite because we use it beyond the campground, we use it all the time at home.

camping hacks

It’s perfect for camping and even at home!  I love it because instead of having 20 boxes of matches lying around they are all in one place. Also, if it rains your matches stay protected.  Most of the time my cheap little match boxes begin to fall apart either I can use the strip on the side to light it anymore because it got to worn out or they get stepped on and lost.

Camping Hacks: That Save You Time #1

Matches In a Jar


  • jar
  • sandpaper
  • matches

1. You’ll need a canning lid jar b/c these types of jars allow for you to take the lid apart. Place a round piece of sandpaper at the top of the jar when you take it apart.

2. Fill up your jar with matches.

3. To light, just run the match against the sandpaper!

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